Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a difference a year makes!

Merry Christmas!!! Wow, I have reflected back on the last 12 months and can't believe the many blessings God has bestowed on our family. Today one year ago, we were packing up from 20 days of being in a hospital (including the day before Hank was born). What joy and excitement filled the air as we were told Hank could go home!!! Praise the Lord, it took everyone packing their cars to the hilt. Uncle Lee, Aunt Jennifer, Nani, Grumps, Gramms, Mom, Dad and Hank all loaded into the cars and headed for Montgomery. Hank is walking around and driving is car, sitting on his Aggie tricylce and enjoying being the CENTER of attention.

Last Christmas was so different, but maybe we focused on Christ a bit more than this. He is so good to us and I pray that we can do more to please Him everyday and not just at Christmas. When I revisit the events of the year, I can't help but think about Kathy loosing Rex and all she went through. But, God has given her great strength and I have seen her grow and become happier every visit. Ricki and Stevi both have been truly a help and she needs that. I pray she gets well and is able to enjoy the rest of the holidays. February our family lost Rex, I had a short visit in the hospital and a fright. But, our Lord blessed me with great news that I wasn't having heart surgery and about a month later...Rick wasn't feeling well and we went to the ER. Shockingly, he was admitted and had open heart surgery within a few days and was in ICU for over 2 weeks. WOW! Oh, I forgot my mom was in the hospital twice once for an implant for pain and then her galbladder removed.

Today, everyone is WELL! I can't help think about others who have had so much more to deal with daily. Today, I pray for my friends and family and ask the Lord to bless and heal all of their wounds visible and invisible. Father thank you for all you give to us, so undeserved but given so graciously. Lord, I ask you for healing of little Kate, she has been on my heart and her precious family. Also, Father please be with REID and the doctors and nurses that will care for her next week. Lord, we ask you to be with Paxton, Stevi and Richard and give the strength to be all that Reid needs. Again, thank you Lord for all YOU have done for us, but most of all thank you for the gift of your son, JESUS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS!

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