Saturday, August 21, 2010

Longtime Passing

Summer is over and I really can't say that I did much. I went to visit my mom for 8 days at the end of June and first of July. Upon returning, I began having severe back pains and began going to the dr. for that for several weeks. Our school was remodeled over the summer so we have had lots of crazy things going on at school. The unpacking is almost finished and I am ready to start seeing my students. At "Meet the Teacher", I saw a few of them and they are really ready to begin a new school year.

Rick, Samantha, Derric and I worked to get the house ready for the new carpet. It really looks nice and we have done a lot of cleaning out and throwing away. Now for my craftroom. HELP!!! I just can't make myself throw enough of it away. (I might need it someday.) But, as soon as I get the new shelves and desks, things should start looking up. We got rid of the huge monitor (thanks to Paxton, Stevi and Richard) and it is so nice not having that big thing in the way. Samantha, Hank and I have been sewing on her new machine and she has had lots of business for that. Hopefully, she can make some spending money. We both like to spend it.

Hank will be 9 months old on Labor Day. So hard to believe he is not only crawling, but walking around the coffee table and pulling up on the couches and chair. I have to say that little boy has definitely won my heart and brings so much JOY! Christopher and Erica have both gone to college at AUBURN UNIVERSITY and are there presently. Paxton left today for A&M UNIVERSITY and Sam, Derric, Hank, Reid and I are going up tomorrow to help her decorate. Reid and Nick will both be in high school and starting tomorrow. PRAISE GOD FOR THESE WONDERFUL KIDS!

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